Don’t be a twit when tweeting

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This service, which works on computers and mobiles, allows users to type a single update message then post it simultaneously to their Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn and many other accounts. A boon to social media addicts, who’ll quickly wonder how they ever managed before.
A mini industry has blossomed around alternatives to the normal Twitter interface, and TweetDeck is one of the best. It supercharges the service on computers and smartphones thanks to its slick design and a suite of useful features, such as easy ways to include links in your messages and to group and view multiple conversations.
If you use Twitter as part of your business, Chirpstats will help you “track and learn more about your follower base”. It’s a tool that lets you monitor which of your followers dump you and exactly when, leaving you to ponder fitfully over exactly how your tweets are being interpreted.
Newcomers to Twitter often go over the service’s 140-character limit, leaving messages finishing in mid-tweet. Twonvert aims to prevent this by getting you to type out your message “longhand”, then condenses it by turning written numbers into numerals and killing the odd vowel. Expect it to squeeze 15% more in.
Write a tweet, submit it to Twuffer (that’s “Twitter buffer”) and it will be posted automatically for you at the time of your choosing. Useful for globetrotting mums or dads sending messages home from a different time zone, or anyone with only intermittent internet access.


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